The Working Australian Kelpies of Canada is a volunteer organization that promotes quality breeding of Australian Kelpies (Kelpies) and does all things possible to bring their working ability and natural qualities to perfection.

We attempt to do everything in our power to advance the interests of the Kelpie and to encourage sportsmanlike competition at herding trials, agility trials, obedience trials, conformation shows and other tests and events.

Our members have hosted and/or participated in a variety of trials, clinics and fun days. See our Events tab for what’s coming up!


1. Connect with other Kelpie enthusiasts across Canada and the world. Your Regional Director will help show you around if you are new to Kelpies.

2. Share brags, pics and laughs with other Kelpie folk via social media and the WAKCI newsletter.

3. Participate in developing breeder resources for Kelpie enthusiasts: ie. pedigree information, health and genetics information via ongoing efforts of WAKCI.

4. Participate in fundraising for contributions to medical research into issues affecting our Kelpies.

5. Find out about events that may interest Kelpie folks and/or will have Kelpies at them.

6. Be a part of the team hosting and enjoying our WAKCI events. In the past this has included herding clinics, herding trials, herding instinct tests and agility fun matches. Helping at an event is a great way to learn about dog sports. Help shape what events, where in Canada, and under which sanctioning organization(s) thru your participation.

7. Events held by WAKCI have the benefit of the WAKCI Liability Insurance for Board approved events. WAKCI’s Event Sponsorship initiative will help build a variety of events across Canada thru member participation.

8. As the CKC recognized Club for the Kelpie in Canada, WAKCI members have the ability to shape the direction and standard for the breed in Canada. WAKCI has the sole input into CKC regarding the Kelpie. Maintaining CKC recognition ensures that Kelpies are able to pursue international competition in FCI sanctioned Championship events such as FCI Agility World Championships, FCI Obedience World Championship, even IPO Worlds! Canadian Kelpies have represented Canada well at these competitions in the past!

9. Have some fun with folks who are just as crazy about Kelpies

If you have an interest in the Kelpie and would like to join us, please fill out the membership form, and send it, along with your cheque, to Gina McDonnell, our Secretary-Treasurer.

2016 Membership Form

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